Thursday, December 8, 2011

Knights in Shinning Armor Party

How do you do a boy and girl party for
four year olds?  Ahhh, a knight and princess party.

We had many damsels in distress answer the call and adorn themselves in their fanciest princess attire.  All the royal attendees received blue sashes upon being knighted and after receiving their training.

 The kids, oops I mean the royal little ones all enjoyed waving their flags as we sang the birthday song to the bravest of all knights in training.

We used many plastic tablecloths and cut out the square shapes to make it look a little more medieval.

The main party event was the training activity.  I drew, copied, colored, crumpled, and burned these pieces of paper to make them look super cool.  They had to follow the map, find the clues, and bring back the treasure in order to get their training completion certificates and be officially knighted by king Dad.

For take-home treats we found these cool potion bottles and added a tag. The kids loved getting candy out of something so special.  

The girls got crowns, the boys got swords and everyone got their own purse of chocolate gold coins.  I glued plastic gold coins to ribbons and dangled them all over.  I was hoping for a mini version of the pirate loot room on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. lol.

I almost forgot...the royal invitations!  I spray painted wooden rods gold.  I printed the invite and glued it onto sheer gold paper and then I rolled them up and tied with gold ribbon and a princess or prince tag.  Very fun!

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