Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twilight Saga Party

I had a Twilighters anonymous party.  A lot of my friends enjoyed the books but none of us were totally willing to admit it or commit to seeing a midnight movie.  So I threw a party!  It started super late, we played some games, scooped up lots of movie candy, and had some delicious appetizers.  
 The single apple.

 Candles are so Twilighty.

 I had to paint something.  So here is the Cullen crest painted onto a wooden plaque and hung with ribbon.

 Thank goodness the films come out right after Halloween.  Found these just in time.
 I don't know about you but I have to have licorice at the movies.

 Amazing free labels for everything to complete your party.  You can find them here!
 Thank heavens my husband decided to get me roses just because.
 No movie party would be complete without a Cullen candy bar.
 Family picture frames taken over by the Cullen's and the wolf pack.
 Just in case you wanted to know which team i am on, this is what was covering the form under the cape.
 Lots of table scapes.

 Edward greeted guests and was gracious enough to stand in many of our group shots.
An Easy New Moon banner on ribbon. 
 Bella and Edward filled picture frames around the house.

The Invite.

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