Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School Cool

I needed something for my front door and put together this little chalkboard. I used a wooden apple, some broken pencils, thick ribbon, 3 flowers, thin ribbon, and a crystal flourish.  It was fun to play around with and this was the final outcome.

This is a  pretty common tradition: the lunchbox notes.  So and so has some fantastic free back-to-school printables here! 
And Check this free printable out!  Some of our past ones looked like the photo below.  Where does the time go?  And why do they grow too old, too big, and too cool too fast?

I la la loooooved this idea found at soulographer.com!

Yes, this is an attempt to make school a little more exciting than dreaded. It helps me too! I wish Summer could last all year and that my little ones could stay little forever!
My kids pick their special breakfast and lunch.  They get to wear the new school outfit of choice. (My daughter has a thing for Chihuahuas.) and we always celebrate after school.
Some paper mache hanging apples just for fun!

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