Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Wars Lego Party

 You're Invited: The invitations, so hard to choose.  We sent out all three!

The Birthday boy.  This is so Dylan!  It's actually what told me he was having a good time.  No words, just the force used on mom and her camera.

 I dressed up too!  Well, i had to, I was the Jedi trainer.  I walked the kids through a routine using the script from the Jedi Training Camp at Disneyland.  

Once they learned and practiced the routine, we blasted the Darth Vadar music and I rushed the kids to a hiding place.  Then, Darth Vadar (aka Dad) marched out and challenged all the kids.  He wanted them to join the dark side and they all screamed "never!"  We had each kid go through the routine they had learned and 'fight' Darth Vadar.
 They all got their own mini light sabers that glowed and we played a game where we dropped meteors from the 2nd floor and they had to pop a 'meteror.'
 This is my favorite project.  I would make the legs a little different next time by gluing them closer to the body.  He is made out of a 10 dollar trash can from Walmart, some foam poster board, regular poster board, paint and scrapbook paper.  Awesome!
 I forgot to get a picture but I made treat bags with lego brick candy inside and labels that were Star Wars and Lego blocks. 
 Once they completed their Training Camp and got Darth Vadar to find himself a galaxy far, far away, they each received medals.
This was a canvas I painted for a friend of Dylan's. It's still one of my favorites!
 To start the party we played the Star Wars theme song and each kid got their own official Jedi robe.
 Even the girls loved being jedis.
 To make things a little more controlled with so many little ones, we had a boys table and a girls table.  The girls were much neater. lol.
Alright, so I kind of ran out of time for the cake.  I had a lego mold but decided to make a light saber instead.  We also had light saber hot dogs, yoda soda and wookie cookies. 
 My own cupcake toppers.

Thanks for coming Darth!


  1. Do you have a Jedi Robe tutorial somewhere? LOVE this post!!!

  2. how did you make the (very cool) medals?

  3. Do you have a R2-D2 tutorial somewhere? Would love to make one.

  4. Do you have the script that you followed somewhere? I'd love a copy of it!

  5. I would love a copy of the script, and a photo of the picture you painted. I would like to paint something similar. Would you email me?

  6. Where did you get the medals? They are wonderful!!

  7. That trash can R2D2 is epic! Great job!

  8. how did you make the (very cool) medals?