Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tangled Rapunzel Party

My daughter loves Rapunzel.  She loves Flynn, Pascal, the songs, the dress, the hair, and the magic.  So there was no shock that a Rapunzel birthday party would be priority number one.

We adorned the princess party guests with flowers and sparkles for their hair and we ate Rapunzel cake as per the wishes of the Birthday girl.  She loved having a very tangled birthday.  

I made clues for the guests to follow to find Flynn's stolen treasure.  Each clue led to a satchel with treasure like candy, crowns, Flynn's swords, jewels, etc.  My favorite treasure was the magical flower with golden treasure candy in the pot. 

Pink lemonade and lighted Rapunzel Luminaries.  

I had found many other parties that used yellow yarn everywhere for Rapunzel's hair.  The idea was cute, but I wanted a bigger impact.  Solution: A 100ft roll of yellow plastic table coverings.  It was everywhere and it really looked like hair!

It was important to include the banners from the castle village. Some were felt, some were paper, and others were just balloon banners.  With some extra pom poms (find the tutorial here) and a Pascal stow-away, we completed our scene.

We bought Chinese lanterns from the Just Artifacts Online Store and they were a huge hit.  The wind didn't really cooperate but the little ones loved watching me fight the elements.

 One of my favorite party games was a relay race with pascal in a dollar store fry pan.  The kids loved playing with the crazy chameleon.

As I have mentioned before I love painting on canvas!  I wanted a Rapunzel painting for my daughter's room anyway, so it was a good excuse to paint one for decoration.
 What party isn't complete without cookies?  Crown cookies to be exact.  As you can hopefully see, we had the kids decorate their own and gobble them up.

 More decorations and more 'hair."  It helped to have a 2nd story ledge overlooking our family room.  I kind of wish I would have made it look like the tower somehow.

This is a satchel that was made for the boys at the party.  The girls got tiaras and jewels and everyone found candy treasure.

Our take home treat was a fry pan with Rapunzel candy inside wrapped in a plastic bag with tulle and 'happily ever after' ribbon.  I really benefited from my sister having a fairytale wedding just weeks before! 

 The party bag to collect some of Flynn's treasure finds.

Creating the bazaar look.

The invitations were covered in gold and sparkles.  We printed them on pearled paper and when you opened the invitation and pulled the card out of the swirly gold pocket Rapunzel's hair grew longer and longer.  When you tucked it back in you could only see their heads poking out.  Very fun!

Back To School Bulletin Boards


I wanted to be involved with my child's classroom, but with two little ones still at home I needed a project that would be more like homework.  After talking with his teacher we figured out a way for me to design and assemble their hallway bulletin board mostly at home.  When it was 90% complete I would take it up to the school and add some finishing touches.  This was my monthly assignment and I loved it, however I had a hard time finding ideas online.  Here are a few of my bulletin boards just in time for school.