Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Ocean Party

Bubble, bubble, bubble...

Thinking of throwing an Under the Sea party to make the summer even more fun?  It's so easy to put together.  I just wanted to throw a mini party, not a birthday, not a holiday party.  Just a fun play date with a theme and some activities.

1.  Seaweed Tangle
A game where (in one room only) you attach a plastic spoon to one end of a long string of yarn and a prize at the other end.  You tangle the yarn (or seaweed) throughout the room and hide the treasure/prize end where it can't be seen.  Upon arrival the kids find their spoon and wrap the yarn around it as they look for the end prize. For bigger kids you could even occasionally shoot silly string at them making it a real seaweed mess.

2. Ocean Treats
The hit of the party was these little shark cupcakes.  The cupcakes were pre-bought and happen to come in green and blue.  I added little shark fins and the kids went gaga.  Other classics are dolphin and shark nuggets, blue jello, fishies crackers, gummy fish, Swedish fish, and gummy octopus.

3.  Sea Foam Stickers
Foam stickers are a favorite of mine because you can buy them in big tubs, pour them on a table, and let the kids go crazy decorating their own treat bags.  In this case we doubled up and I had them decorate their bags as well as the inside of their aquarium or porthole.

4.  Decorations
Of course pom poms are the easiest but I also happen to have streamers on hand.  I bought some dollar store fish and the kids helped me to decorate an ocean around the house.  

Here is an example of a paper plate porthole.  I think I made these when I was little.  It's a long time classic and made from blue cellophane, two paper plates and some kid creativity.  Very fun!

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