Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bananas for Bananas!

 What to do for a one year old.  It's a first birthday and oh so special but I prefer to make it a no fuss, all fun kind of day.  If it's a big 'to do' it's harder for us to enjoy the moment.  The solution: a small family party with a wild monkey theme. 
 The table scape: Some balloons, some leftover animal print furry fabric, some safari animals, a safari hat, lots of yellow, and lots of bananas. It may not be normal to have safari hats and animal print fabric on hand, but I was a costume designer before becoming a mom so this stuff is usually coming out my ears.

 The older siblings had fun making the foam monkeys and decorating with their stuffed animals.
A cake fit for a one year old king. 
 Even if he is too tired to party.
Cheap tricks:  I love using baby food jars as candy holders.  The inspiration comes from my childhood.  It reminds me of these little candy boxes with Disney characters on the top I would get as a souvenir on Main street at Disneyland.  Also, my mom made a little black cat candy jar for my sisters 8th birthday party.  I thought it was so cool! 

Add some cute scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbons, and party colored candy, and TA DAH! So inexpensive and so cute.

*My favorite party game is when everyone at the party gets a toy and whoever the birthday baby crawls or walks to first get the prize.  Best bet: anything that lights up, makes noise and spins.  If you have all three you are sure to get the prize!

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